Syberia 2017


Price: 250.00

Karelia is a pearl of northwestern Russia. It is a land located between the White Sea and Finland. Almost a third of the territory is occupied by water reservoirs, 26 thousand rivers and 60 thousand lakes, including the well-known 4 × 4 iconic events, the largest in Europe by Ladoga and Onega. Karelia is 173,000 sq km of surface area inhabited by only 716,000 people. Most of them, as much as 4%, live in the capital of the region, the city of Petrozavodsk. It is easy to imagine how wild this region is and how many wonderful views and natural circumstances are waiting for us there. During our trip, apart from visiting St. Petrsburg, j. Ladoga and j. Onega, we will visit the holy mountain of Sami, we will reach the Chibin Mountains, we will ride the beaches of the White Sea. In addition to visiting Karelia, the purpose of our trip will be located behind the Arctic Circle, on the Kola Peninsula, the city of Murmansk. In the far north we will also visit the city of Zapolyarny famous for its deepest geological borehole in the world. A hole in the ground reaches up to 12 km deep into our planet. The village of Teribierka on the coast of the Barents Sea where a large artillery battery was located from which apparently not even a single shot was fired. Of course, we also plan to hunt for the northern lights. Return by another route through Russia or alternatively through Finland where, if we have enough time, we will look to Santa Claus in Rovaniemi and the Bothnian Bay. From Finland to Estonia we will cross the ferry Helsinki – Talin. Cost about 100 euros / car. As usual, on our expeditions we will look for interesting places, inaccessible roads – a real 4 × 4 expedition awaits us. As on our expeditions, apart from the beauty of the landscape, contact with people is also important, we will try to find accommodation in private houses in small villages.

The cost of the guide service is 250 Eur netto per day plus fuel & accommodation costs. The number of cars and participants does not affect the price of our service

  • Vacation Style
      4x4 Tours, Guide Service
    • Acomodation Type
    • Tour Style
      Own cars
    • Activity Level
    • Min. 3 - Max. 6 cars
    All about the WINTER KARELIA Adventure Tour.

    The total distance of the expedition is about 7000 km. Apart from the sections leading through EU countries, the main part of the route runs on very bad asphalt, gravel and unpaved roads. Before leaving, make sure that the vehicle is ready for a difficult and long journey.
    Since the destination is outside the European Union, you must have a passport and valid entry visas.


    • green card – car insurance
    • resp. authorization to use the car in the case of company cars, leasing cars, etc.
    • additional medical expenses insurance
    • valid passport
    • Russian visa



    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • 4×4 unforgettable adventure
    • free car review in our service before and after the trip
    • the presence 24/7 of an experienced guide
    • package of photos from the trip for each participantsouvenir
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • stresses
    • bad humor
    • fuel costs,
    • food
    • entrance costs to parks, museums, etc.
    • accommodation costs at campsites or in pensions and hotels.


    • sleeping bags (recommended thermal comfort min. -15 C)
    • tourist stove
    • fuel for the stove
    • kitchen dishes
    • we recommend taking a well-stocked first aid kit and a supply of necessary medicine

    Accommodation in guesthouses but You have to be prepared to spend the night in a car.

    Eating in local restaurants or participants prepare their own meals. We recommend doing basic grocery shopping, such as cans, ready meals, coffee, tea, etc., before leaving. It is a good idea to take EUR/US dollars with you and exchange them for local currency. Alternatively, you can use ATMs. Small shops and gas stations do not always accept payments in euros, much less by card.

    • 20L fuel canister
    • AT or winter tires
    • off-road equipment: straps, shackles.
    • CB radio


    • V-belt
    • oils for engine, gearbox, diff’s and transferbox
    • fuses
    • set of basic tools
    • set of bulbs
    • a reflective vest
    • spare keys
    • brake pads front / rear