Silky Way

SILK WAY Adventure Tour

Price: 300.00

We invite you on an epic journey into the heart of Central Asia. We will go through the Silk Way in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
Our goal is Pamir and famous Pamir Highway which was built in the 1930s by soviet soldiers . Marco Polo also used this route when traveling by the Silk Way .

Kazakhstan is a very diverse country in terms of geography with many reserves and national parks .. There are high mountains, deserts, beautiful valleys, turquoise lakes high in the mountains, which is simply an Eldorado for lovers of 4 × 4 travel. During our trip, we will go through the endless steppes, visit the deserts of Kyzyl-kum (10 in the world) and Mujun – kum, Singing Dunes, Baikonur (maybe you will see the rocket launch), the Aral Sea … or rather what is left of it, Besshatyr burial mounds – mysterious burial mounds from several thousand years ago, Karagiye depression (fourth in the world 130mppm), mountains and park Altyn Emel, Sauran Fortress, Charyn Canyon, Zailisky Alatau and Tien-Shan Mountains, Kolsay Lake, we will spend the night on a wild paradise sandy beach on the Caspian Sea. This is just a small fragment of the list of attractions that await us. Nature is definitely Kazakhstan’s biggest tourist attraction, so we will focus our attention mainly on this aspect.
Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country located in the heart of Central Asia, bordering Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China, surrounded by mountain of the Tien Shan and Pamir Alay. The total area of the country is 198.500 km square of which 93% are high mountains. The average height of 2750 m above sea level. Kyrgyzstan delights landscape. Mountain views are among the finest in the world. Kyrgyzstan is also breathtaking lakes, charming towns and villages full of history and oriental culture and wonderful, hospitable people. During our trip we will drive through the pass Tue Ashuu lying at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level . This road is considered one of the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan. We get to the second largest lake in the country – Son Kul Lake. It is the highest situated lake in Kyrgyzstan – 3013 meters above sea level. In the heart of the mountains of Tian Shan will visit the Tash Rabat Caravanserai. It is built in 14 century castle located on the Silk Road. In the basement, we see the ancient prison cells for marauding bandits on the Silk Road. Along the way we will drive the stunning Moldo Ashu pass. Another attraction is the Tosor Pass – at an altitude of 3 950 meters above sea level and the main tourist point of the country. Issyk Kul is the world’s second largest lake with an alpine character called “the pearl of Central Asia”. With our expedition we get to gorge Jeti Oguz famous for its red rock formations.
Tajikistan, Is a small country located in Central Asia .. Over 90% of the area of ​​Tajikistan is situated in the mountains, often at altitudes exceeding 4000 meters above sea level. Coincides here five powerful mountain ranges: Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir, Tien-Shan and Hindukusz. This makes the local scenery are second to none. Powerful, often remaining year-round snow peaks and ridges cross the river valleys. Uninhabited, stretching for tens of kilometers remote areas, where from time to time you can see only heighten the feeling of enclosure pastoral cut off from the world. Entry into mobile network coverage to be rare here. A must for every tourist selecting means to travel to Tajikistan passing a so-called ‘Pamir Highway’ which will be our main objective in Tajikistan. This is one of the highest road in the world. Pamir Highway is a gravel road led among reaching more than 7,000 meters above sea level peaks. “Highway” in the most runs at the height of 4000mnpm. On the Pamir Highway will get the greatest height during our trip – Ak-Baital Pass (4655m above sea level). The views are breathtaking. Nevertheless, the Wachan Corridor is picturesque, surrounded only by slightly lower rock giants. The crystal-clear Tajik lakes are also extremely picturesque, in which peaks of the surrounding mountains are viewed. Residents are very hospitable and consider it a point of honor to receive guests in their homes, which we will have the opportunity to check during our trip. Invitation to the Tajik home is always associated with treats, which consists of local dishes such as pilaf, roasted mutton, Lagman and koumiss. It is good to have with each other small gifts for the home team. Our expedition is recommended for people resistant to the rigors of a long journey in areas with rather low standard of living.
Uzbekistan, a country until recently rather unfriendly to tourists. Fortunately, a lot has changed in recent years in Uzbekistan. The government has changed, the chords of policemen hunting for tourists have disappeared, along with visas for citizens of many European countries. In a word, the country opened to tourism and tourists.
Uzbekistan is primarily the oldest monuments of Central Asia – Samarkand, Chiva, and Bukhara. Apart from the architectural pearls of Uzbekistan, there are two deserts – Kara-kum and Kazył-kum, West Tien Shan Mountains, Aralskie Lake … or rather what is left of it and many, many other fascinating places


  • Vacation Style
      4x4 Tours, Guide Service
    • Acomodation Type
      Camps Tents
    • Tour Style
      Rent a car, Own cars
    • Activity Level
        Medium 6/9
    • Min. 3 - Max. 6 cars
    All about the SILK WAY Adventure Tour.

    The length of the planned route is about 15,000 km. The main part of the route runs on very bad asphalt and unpaved roads. Therefore, before leaving, make sure that the vehicle is ready for a difficult and long journey.


    • international driving license
    • additional medical expenses insurance
    • valid passport
    • tajik tourist visa – cost about $ 50
    • Russian visa – multiple tourist visa

    Please contact us if You some need more information about visa regulations.

    The cost of fuel at an average price per liter is about 0.5 eur


    The condition of registering the application and participation in the expedition is the payment of a non-returnable deposit * in the amount of PLN 1,400 up to 7 days from the date of application.

    * the deposit is returned if the expedition is canceled by the organizer

    The duration of the trip does not include travel from Poland and return to the Poland.




    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • guarantees of fun
    • rest from everyday hustle and bustle
    • 4×4 unforgettable adventure
    • free car review on our website before and after the trip
    • the presence 24/7 of an experienced representative of East Adventure 4×4.
    • package of photos from the trip for each participantsouvenir
    • souvenir gadgets.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • stresses
    • bad humor
    • fuel costs,
    • food
    • entrance costs to parks, museums, etc.
    • accommodation costs at campsites or in pensions and hotels.

    1. Day 1 550km

      After 3-4 days of travel we are in Astrakhan and after a night at the hotel we start our expedition and we go to the Kazakh border. After crossing the border of Kazakhstan, we go to the Akkergeshen plateau and the Aktolagay plateau. Overnight in tents.

    2. Day 2 600km

      We go to the holy mountain Sherkala, the valley of Kul and the Stone City and the so-called ”upside down land” – monumental rock formations resulting from the earthquake. Overnight at the Caspian Sea in tents.

    3. Day 3 250km

      We are heading to one of the biggest depression in the world – Karagiye. Further through the Senek desert we reach the Bashir mountains. Overnight in tents.

    4. Day 4 200 km

      We visit the Bashir mountains and Ustyur Park. Overnight in tents.

    5. Day 5 300 km

      Through the desert areas we go towards the Kazakh part of Aralski. Overnight in the wild.

    6. Day 6 250km

      We continue our journey to Aralski. Overnight in tents at the Aralskie lake.

    7. Day 7 100km

      Visiting Aralsk Lake and overnight in Aralsk city at the hotel.

    8. Day 8 450km
      We set off from Aralsk to the city of Taraz. Overnight in tents in the steppe.
    9. Day 9 450km

      We continue the journey to the city of Taraz. Overnight in a guest house in Taraz

    10. Day 10 680km
      A long asphalt journey from Taraz towards Almaty to stay in tents at Lake Kolsai or Kaindy.
    11. Day 11 250km
      We set off towards the Sharyn Canyon then move to the Tien Shan mountains towards the Kyrgyz border and then to the Isyk Kul lake where we will spend the night in tents. If we have enough time, we will have dinner at a local restaurant in the city of Karakol.
    12. Day 12 350km
      From Issyk Kul we go a difficult way to the Tosor 3900 m a.s.l. Then we descend to the Naryn valley and then to the Son-Kul lake where we will make accommodation in yurts at an altitude of over 3000 meters above sea level.
    13. Day 13 350 km

      From Son-Kul through the Moldo Ashuu pass 2800 meters above sea level one of the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan we will go to Naryn city and then to the castle of Tash Rabat. After visiting the castle through the Kulak Ashuu pass and Borol pass, both located at an altitude of about 3400mnpm towards the town of Baetov. Further towards the city of Osh on the way, looking for a prehistoric curiosity – the ’Stone Age of Asia’. Overnight in the field in tents.

    14. Day 14 250km

      From the morning we continue driving to the city of Osh where we will spend the night in a hotel

    15. Day 15 300 km
      In the morning departure from the hotel towards the Tajik border. On the way, we cross the 4000mnpm border. Overnight in Tajikistan at Karakul Home Stay
    16. Day 16 350km

      From the morning we enter the famous Pamir Highway and gain height to reach the highest point of our trip – the Akbaytal Pass 4634 meters above sea level. . We continue driving to the town of Khorog where we will spend the night in a hotel.

    17. Day 17 550 km

      It’s a difficult day, a long drive a very bad road to Dushanbe where we will spend the night in a hotel.

    18. Day 18 300 km

      From Dushanbe we go to the border with Uzbekistan and then to Samarkand. Overnight in Samarkand at the hotel

    19. Day 19 50km

      In the morning, visiting Samarkand and in the afternoon, transfer to Bukhara. Overnight stay at a hotel.

    20. Day 20 50km
      From the morning sightseeing of Bukhara in the afternoon, transfer to Chiva. Overnight stay at a hotel.
    21. Day 21 100km

      From the morning, visit Chiva and ancient fortresses around the city. Overnight at a hotel in Chiva.

    22. Day 22 350km

      Morning trip to the Kara-Kum desert. Visiting the old Soviet military base, Aralskie lake – shipwrecks. Overnight in the desert in tents.

    23. Day 23 350km

      In the morning, departure towards the Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan border. After crossing the border we go towards Astrakhan. Overnight in tents.

    24. Day 24 350km

      We continue the journey towards Astrakhan. Overnight in tents.

    25. Day 25 350km

      We cross the Russian border and finish our tour in Astrakhan. Return to home 3-4 days.



    • roof tent or any other type
    • sleeping bags (recommended thermal comfort min. 0 C)
    • gas stove or any other fuel
    • fuel supply to the stove
    • kitchen dishes
    • tourist chairs and table.
    • technical water canister min. 20L
    • drinking water tank min. 10L / person (recommended supply of bottled water – to be bought during the trip)
    • mountain weather can vary. We recommend taking light as well as warm and rain clothing and footwear with you
    • we recommend taking a well-stocked first aid kit and a supply of necessary medicines.

    Camping accommodation in tents “in the wild”. Occasionally yurts or home-stays will be available
    The participants prepare their own meals. We recommend doing basic grocery shopping, such as cans, ready meals, coffee, tea, etc., before leaving. During the trip, there may be problems shopping along the route. Remember to replenish your drinking water supply. We plan several meals in local restaurants so that everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with the local cuisine. It is a good idea to take EUR/US dollars with you and exchange them for local currency. Alternatively, you can use ATMs. Small shops and gas stations do not always accept payments in euros, much less by card.


    • snorkel
    • 20L fuel canister
    • AT tires
    • off-road equipment: straps, shackles.
    • CB radio, which facilitates contact between participants during the journey.
    • car insurance (in countries outside the EU an additional Green Card)

    • V-belt
    • oils for engine, gearbox, diff’s and transferbox
    • fuses
    • set of basic tools
    • 2 fire extinguishers
    • set of bulbs
    • a reflective vest
    • spare keys
    • brake pads front / rear