MOROCCO Adventure Tour 15/02 – 24/02.2020

Price: 1,400.00

When you are tired of a short day and winter …. If you look more and more often at the expedition car standing in the garage for several months …. We have something for you. Enjoy a 9-day solar treatment in the middle of winter. Morocco is the vestibule of Africa, where every corner is a different secret, where the local Barbers in their colorful clothes contrast with the red of scorched earth and the blue of the sky.
During our trip we will visit a place where the concept of Zero was invented. We will see colorful leather tanneries in Fez, which have retained their original character to this day. We will often face the power of the Atlas Mountains. We will touch the real Sahara with its majestic dunes. We will feel the thrill of sport adrenaline traversing the desert sections of the Morocco Challenge. We will see the colorful and surprising forms of the Todra and Dades gorges to finally relax in a small Arab hotel in the heart of the old city of Marrakesh.


  • Tour Type
      4x4 Tours
    • Acomodation Type
    • Tour Style
      Own cars
    • Tour Difficulty Level
        Medium 4/9
    • Group Size
      Min. 3 - Max. 6 cars
    MOROCCO Adventure Tour 15/02 – 24/02.2020

    The total distance in Morocco is about 2500 km. Apart from the sections leading through Europe, the main part of the route runs on very bad asphalt, gravel and unpaved roads. Before leaving, make sure you are ready for a difficult and long journey.
    Destination country of the tour is outside the European Union, it is necessary to have a passport valid min. 3 months.


    • green card – car insurance
    • resp. authorization to use the car in the case of company cars, leasing cars, etc.
    • additional medical expenses insurance
    • valid passport min 3 month

    In Morocco it is forbidden to enter with drones. It is a Muslim country, therefore the rules of Ramadan are quite well observed there. It is not allowed to export local currency from Morocco.


    The condition of registering the application and participation in the expedition is the payment of a non-returnable symbolic deposit * 100 EUR up to 7 days from the date of application.

    The deposit is returned if the expedition is canceled by the organizer

    The duration of the trip does not include travel to Genua and return to home. 


    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?
    • guarantees of fun
    • rest from everyday hustle and bustle
    • 4×4 unforgettable adventure
    • free car review in our service before and after the trip
    • the presence 24/7 of an experienced representative of East Adventure 4×4.
    • package of photos from the trip for each participantsouvenir
    • souvenir gadgets
    What is not included in this tour?
    • stresses
    • bad humor
    • fuel costs,
    • food
    • entrance costs to parks, museums, etc.
    • accommodation costs at campsites or in pensions and hotels.


    • sleeping bags (recommended thermal comfort  -5 C)
    • tourist stove
    • fuel for the stove
    • kitchen dishes
    • tourist chairs and table.
    • technical water canister min. 20L
    • we recommend taking a well-stocked first aid kit and a supply of necessary medicines

    Hotel accommodation but you have to be prepared for an camp overnight stay. The participants prepare their own meals. We recommend doing basic grocery shopping, such as cans, ready meals, coffee, tea, etc., before leaving. We plan several meals in local restaurants so that everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with the local cuisine. It is a good idea to take EUR/US dollars with you and exchange them for local currency. Alternatively, you can use ATMs. Small shops and gas stations do not always accept payments in euros, much less by card.


    • snorkel
    • AT tires
    • off-road equipment: straps, shackles.
    • CB radio, which facilitates contact between participants during the journey.


    • V-belt
    • fuses
    • set of basic tools
    • set of bulbs
    • a reflective vest
    • spare keys
    • brake pads front / rear